Instamojo Refer Earn Money Online FREE ₹500 on Instamojo Sign Up

In this post, we’ll learn “How to Earn Money Online FREE ₹500 on Instamojo signup & ₹500 on every Successful Instamojo referral in India“.

With Instamojo refer earn program, you can easily earn ₹500 per instamojo referral directly in your bank account unlimited times. The person who joins Instamojo from your instamojo referral link will also earn ₹500 as instamojo referral signup bonus. So, you both can easily earn ₹500 each with Instamojo Refer Earn program.

How Instamojo Refer Earn Program Works?

How Instamojo Refer Earn Program Works?

Follow these steps to get ₹500 directly in your Bank Account:

  1. Visit Instamojo using this link.
  2. Sign up on Instamojo by providing your PAN Card & bank account details and instamojo Referral code TUTORIALSDUNIYA81c0 (If you sign up without any instamojo referral code then you won’t receive ₹500 instamojo signup bonus).
  3. Upload your documents for KYC & get your account verified.
  4. Now, you can easily create payment links or integrate with the website to accept digital payments.
  5. After your first sale on Instamojo, you’ll get 500 Instamojo referral bonus in your Bank Account within 30 days.

Important Points of Instamojo Refer Earn:

🔴 Your Instamojo Referral will be counted only if the referee (whom you referred) receives atleast 1 payment via Instamojo.

🔵 The accepted payment value must be greater than ₹1.

🟢 The referee (whom you referred) should verify their KYC on Instamojo to receive the bonus.

🟠 You both will receive ₹500 each within 30 days after a successful Instamojo referral.

🟣 If you sign up on Instamojo without any instamojo referral code then you won’t receive ₹500 instamojo signup bonus.

Read more Instamojo Refer Earn Program FAQs here

So if you are registering on Instamojo, Signup using my Instamojo Referral link or enter my instamojo referral code “TUTORIALSDUNIYA81c0” and we both will earn ₹500 in bank account.

Instamojo refer earn money online

NOTE: If you directly sign up on Instamojo by visiting their official website, you won’t be receiving any instamojo referral bonus money, as instamojo referral bonus money is only given when you sign up using an instamojo referral link.


instamojo payments platform india

Instamojo is India’s largest on-demand payments and e-commerce platform that empowers over 1,200,000 micro-entrepreneurs, startups, MSMEs, to start, manage, and grow their business online across mobile and web, with just a bank account and phone number, in a few minutes.

Many Bloggers and Youtubers are also using Instamojo to online sell their digital products. You can easily sell both digital and physical products on Instamojo. Instamojo can also be used as a payment gateway to sell products on your website or App.

Why collect digital payments with Instamojo?

  • 2 minutes easy Onboarding: Sign up, verify your account, and collect your first payment in less than 2 minutes.
  • Safe and Secure Payments: Instamojo payments are safeguarded by bank-level security and PCI-DSS compliant.
  • Collect Payments with a link: Share the links via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Email, and get paid with a click.

How to create an Instamojo account?

1. Visit Instamojo signup page

2. Signing up as a Business by entering your email, unique password and instamojo referral code TUTORIALSDUNIYA81c0

3. Verify your mobile number via OTP.

4. Choose whether you run the business yourself as an individual, or it is a registered organization like an LLP, Private Limited, NGO, etc.

Instamojo Sign up

5. Enter your business PAN number, Name, Address, State, Pin Code, GSTIN (if applicable).

Instamojo Sign up

6. Choose a username for your business.

7. Enter your bank account number, account name, and IFSC code.

8. Congratulations! now you have successfully created your Instamojo account.

How To Collect Payments on Instamojo?

Payment on Instamojo is a 3 step process

  • The customer chooses an online payment
  • The customer is handed over to Instamojo and sees various online payment options.
  • The customer chooses a payment option and completes payment.

Instamojo quick links allow you to instantly create payment links by filling in the purpose of payment and the amount payable.

Instamojo smart links help you collect payments, additional customer details, customize your payment links, and more. With Smart Links, you can also collect additional information for documentation purposes.

You can easily collect payments on Instamojo via Quick Links or Smart links. You can also share these payment links via WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail, QR code, and more.

You can also collect payments on Instamojo using the Instamojo Pay button on your website.

Instamojo Payment Gateway

If your business has a website, you can collect payments with a payment gateway integration on your website.

You can easily receive payments via Instamojo in simple 3 steps:

  • Create a payment request
  • Show payment link to the buyer in your app/site
  • Get payment credited into your registered bank account in T+3 Bank working days.

Instamojo Payment Gateway

Create Free Instamojo Online Store

Instamojo Online Store India

You can easily create a free Instamojo Online Store to sell your digital products like ebooks, images, video courses, event tickets, etc. You’ll instantly receive money in your bank account when someone visits your Instamojo Online Store & purchases any of your digital products. Your customer will also receive your digital product instantly in their email.

Instamojo allows you to sell a maximum of ₹10,000 worth of products per month but you can easily remove this limit by completing KYC with your pan-card & bank statement.

How Instamojo Online Store Works in India

How to Create FREE Instamojo Online Store?

  1. Signup on Instamojo & head to your dashboard.
  2. Click on the ‘Products & Store’ option on the left-hand side.
  3. Now, click on ‘Manage online store’ and you will be redirected to your free Instamojo online store page.
  4. Here, you can edit your online store details like store logo, basic details, store pages, store policies, social media links, etc.
  5. Now, you can sell physical or digital products, event tickets, etc.
  6. You can also customize your product title, description, category, tags.


Instamojo doesn’t have any setup fees but it charges 5% and an additional ₹3 for selling digital goods. It processes payments only in Indian Rupees.

If you refund the money to your customer, you are not charged anything additional. Instamojo will retain the fee on the original transaction only. When a refund is initiated, no additional transaction fee is charged for transferring the money back into your customer’s account.

Instamojo Pricing India

Instamojo Refer Earn Program FAQs

Question: Where can I find my Instamojo referral link?

Answer: You can find your Instamojo referral link on your dashboard. Please look in the left-hand side of your dashboard, you will see ‘Instamojo Refer Earn’ section. The URL is generally:

Question: When is a Successful Instamojo Referral?

Answer: Both you and your referee receive the bonus if:

  1. Your referee (the person whom you referred) has submitted their documents and gotten them verified by Instamojo.
  2. Your referee has received at least one INR payment from their customer.
  3. Both, you and your referee, meet our instamojo referral terms and comply with our terms of service.

Question: What do I need to do to claim my Rs. 500 Instamojo signup bonus?

Answer: Your friend referred you to use Instamojo for collecting online payments for your business. As a part of our Instamojo refer earn program, you are entitled to receive Rs. 500 in your bank account as soon as you verify your business profile with Instamojo and collect your first successful payment from your customer. Note that this refer and earn program is for legit businesses and not for personal transactions.

Question: When will I receive my Instamojo refer earn money?

Answer: Your Instamojo refer earn reward/bonus is calculated at the end of every month. On passing all referral terms and conditions, the total referral bonus will be paid out to the bank accounts you and your referee added on Instamojo within 30 days of a successful Instamojo referral.

Question: Can I also refer my businessmen friends and get an Instamojo referral bonus?

Answer: Yes, after signing up, you can invite as many friends to your mojo circle to get benefits of the Instamojo refer earn program. When anyone from your mojo circle completes the verification process and makes a successful sale, you and your friend will both receive Rs. 500 (for Instamojo refer earn program) in your respective bank accounts within 30 days.

Question: Is there an upper limit on the Instamojo refer earn money that I can earn?

Answer: Nope, there is no upper limit on your Instamojo refer earn money.

Question: What are bad practices in the Instamojo refer earn program?

Answer: Following are some Bad practices in Instamojo refer earn program:

  1. Signing up with different email ids and referring yourself.
  2. Making a payment to your own account to register a successful transaction.
  3. Requesting another person to make a payment to you for a non-business transaction.
  4. Referring to someone who doesn’t have a valid business, and entering invalid details like wrong website/business description and more.
  5. Spamming on random sites/groups so people signup with your link.